Autumn VR

Autumn VR
Autumn VR is at the forefront of the emerging art of Virtual Reality Storytelling. Autumn VR, a subsidiary of Autumn Productions, was launched to expand the horizons of visual storytelling into a brand new medium with projects such as “JESUS VR: The LIFE of CHRIST” – a feature-length 360 film, and the virtual reality games “Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul”, & “Sharknado VR: Eye Of The Storm”.

  • Simultaneous management of multiple digital projects.
  • Creation of initial marketing briefs for both Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, Sharknado & JESUS VR: The LIFE of CHRIST.
  • Creation of site maps & wire-frames for websites and Jesus VR APP.
  • Website design & initial screen designs for Jesus VR APP.
  • Website programming, web hosting set up – creating databases & email accounts.
  • Company branding.
  • Creation and deployment of Facebook ads for Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul & JESUS VR: The LIFE of CHRIST.
  • Website content management for and
  • Social media manager for social outlets….creating, curating, and managing all content.
  • Liaised with external APP & VR gaming developers, video/commercial editor, experiential & interactive marketing resources.



Contact Info:
Sean Bryson